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Wicker Tub Chair Tutorial

This wicker tub chair was SUPER-easy to make. Want to know how?


~ Large hair roller
~ String
~ Large needle or small crochet hook


Step 1: Cut down your roller to desired height (the height of my seat is approx. 3cm.) Then, using a coin or washer as a guide, cut the corners to round the edges.

Step 2: Starting at the centre-back of the roller, wind string round base to cover the edge row. When you come to a thicker upright section, wrap string round to create a loop both sides, and weave string through these loops.

Step 3: Continue working from centre-back, weave the string in and out of the sections. When you complete a round, turn and weave in the opposite direction to alternate the weave. Continue filling each section in this way until you reach the seat row.
Step 4: As you weave the last round, pass string across roller, round opposite upright and back (as shown), until all but two uprights have cross strings.

Step 5: On the last upright section, pass string across roller once, then back to the centre only (this creates an odd number of cross strings so your weaving will alternate with each round).

Step 6: Weave string between the cross strings as shown, continuing round until the whole seat area is filled, ending at one of the seat back corners.

Step 7: Wind string around front edge of seat to opposite corner, then continue weaving to fill back of seat, as before.

Step 8:Wind string round top of chair to finish.

Step 9: Fill a heat-proof container with strong coffee, and drop the chair inside. After a couple of hours, remove and leave somewhere to drain & dry (leave it near a radiator if you can, as this can take a while).

Crochet Cushion Pad (optional)

RD1: Using the same string and 3.5mm hook, work 12dc into a Magic Loop.

RD2: inc2dc in every st (24sts)
Continue working without joining rounds from this point, as follows:

RD3: (2dc, inc2dc) repeat until Cushion Pad is large enough to fit. Fasten off leaving long loose end. Weave loose end round outside edge of Cushion Pad to neaten.

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