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What’s with all the stripes..?

For those who don’t already know, Big Alice dolls burst onto the scene at the beginning of October 2017, the day before the upstairs tennants’ broken washing machine burst the ceiling of my real-life shop.

The knock-on effect of both incidents happening simultaneously resulted in my closing the shop doors for good on 31st December, to concentrate solely on Big Alice Dolls.

I never intended for there to be a Lil’ Alice too. I only ever intended for Big Alice to be something fun in the shop window for Halloween, with maybe a pattern sale or two as a result. The timing of her arrival turned out to be rather spooky though, and she continues to surprise me ever since.

With her imaginary world expanding daily (along with her popularity, thank you so much everyone!) it became clear she needed more than just a facebook page and a few Pinterest boards. Her online shop (that I had thrown together in a rush for Christmas) also needed a re-think, as it just wasn’t telling HER story. What she needed was some place to put everything where it would all make sense. This blog!

Hence, if you are reading this post in the early half of 2018, you will see lots of stripey boxes. Sorry about that, and I promise you it is not a cunning ploy to get your email addresses (you can just as easily bookmark the missing post and pop back soon). These stripey boxes are just a simple way for me to tell the Big Alice doll story, that is currently just a jumbled mess inside my head.

It also means I can finally make this blog LIVE! and show you all the new ideas & tutorials I have already finished, and that I am itching to share with you. So please, go have a browse and enjoy ♥


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