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Industrial Ceiling Light Tutorial

This industrial ceiling light was made with a battery-operated balloon light. Can you guess what else I used..?


~ Plastic wine glasses
~ Bullet balloon light

~ Spray paint
~ Junior hacksaw
~ Chain for hanging



Step 1: Fill the glass with water up to approx. 3cm of the main bowl section, then mark a cutting line around the glass.

Step 2: Cut along the line with a junior hacksaw, then sand the edge smooth.

Step 3: Fill the glass again to mark 2nd cutting line, approx. 1cm down from the main bowl section.

Before painting, check the balloon light fits the top hole, and trim if necessary.

Step 4: Spray paint the inside of the lampshade. Give it several coats to make sure the outer colour won’t show through.

Step 5: Block the top hole with tissue, then spray the outside your chosen colour.

Step 6: (the bit I wish I had done) Hold a lighted balloon light inside the shade to check the paint doesn’t look patchy when the light is on. Ideally you want to block all the light from coming through.

Step 7: Remove the screw cap from the balloon light, push it down into the shade and glue in place. (You may wish to attach the chain at this stage, so you can use it to pull the cap into position.)

Step 8: Screw the light back into the end cap, and attach a jump ring & chain for hanging.

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