BIG ALICE KIT (cream sparkle)


This kit includes: a hand-crafted pattern book; enough pre-wound multi-strand balls to make one Big Alice doll, with enough left over to make at least one Lil'Alice doll.

Kit colour: cream sparkle (other colours available)

Hooks (6mm & 2mm), button eyes (Big & Lil') and Alice Dreads sold separately.

In stock



A Big Alice doll stands approximately two feet tall from the tips of her over-sized toes to the top of her beautiful rooted dreadlocks, and you will be amazed how quickly you can make one. But that’s not all! By following the exact same pattern, you can also make an adorable 1:12 scale Lil’ Alice too!

The secret is in the hook size and number of strands of wool you use. Big Alice uses four strands, and this kit includes enough pre-wound balls to make one doll, with enough left over to make at least one Lil’Alice doll too.

Also included is the all important pattern book, containing detailed instructions for making Big Alice, and how to make & root her hair. Each book has been hand-crafted by me, and can only be purchased from this website.

Not included: Crochet hooks, eyes, dreads